SafeSpace in Local Middle Schools

Our high school youth advisory board is working with the SafeSpace Managing Director, Lesley Martin, to help deliver mental health awareness and educational programs to local middle schools. Hillview Middle School already has a team of 12 students working with their school and with SafeSpace on mental wellness programs.

Our vision is to create mental health awareness as early as ten years old. We believe that when a child learns about their physical body changes, they should also be aware of changes that take place in their brains which may affect how they are feeling.

Bunnies at SafeSpace?

At a recent SafeSpace Youth Advisory Board Meeting, we were visited by a number of bunnies from the Jasper Ridge Emotional Pet Therapy Program! This program offers therapy animal visits to schools for students to interact and experience calm, joy and relaxation.  Therapy animals include bunnies, guinea pigs, goats, sheep mini horses, and chickens. For more information contact

We Need Your Thoughts

Over the next few months, the SafeSpace team will be planning our spring and summer events, workshops and classes for all ages including parents and grandparents. Please take a few minutes to complete this survey. Your input, suggestions, and ideas are invaluable as we go forward. Many thanks!

Upcoming Events

Meditation and Mindfulness for Teens

Every Thursday starting on February 1, this six-week workshop at the SafeSpace Community Engagement Center introduces young people, ages 12-26, to the basic skills of a mindfulness practice. These introductory lessons will help guide to a more peaceful life by showing and engaging in the practices that help teens deal with everyday stress and anxiety. Topics include senses, body scan, emotions, self-care/ self-love and learning to be present.

You can register through Eventbrite for this is a free series. More information about the event can also be found in our events calendar.

Emotional First Aid Certification Class

This 8-hour training class will be offered on February 24. There are 30 slots available and will be held at our new center at SafeSpace Community Engagement Center. You can register for the classes on Eventbrite.

The Relationship Between Sleep, Technology and Teens

Starting February 27th, SafeSpace Community Engagement Center is hosting a series of parental workshops to provide valuable information and helpful strategies on how to best respond effectively to your teen’s complicated life. Our supportive, intimate environment offers an opportunity for open discussion and conversations. You will discover the power of positive parenting and develop a toolbox of tips you can apply immediately.

You can register on Eventbrite or check out our events calendar for more information.


Off the Record: Self-Compassion
Written by Danielle Kelmar, LCSW and Liesl MoldowWith the New Year underway, many of us – teens and parents included – struggle to adapt back to the daily grind of school or work. Add a couple of noble yet impractical New Year’s resolutions and we’ve got a recipe for disaster. Self-compassion is an essential tool to ease this pitfall. Read more for tips on self-compassion and acceptance

Ripple Effect

Rod and Jodi Scherba, donors and supporters

We feel strongly that SafeSpace fills a need in the community that had not been previously met. After watching our children grow up in a stressful and competitive community, we realized it is imperative that there be a place kids can come both to seek advice in a non-threatening, non-judgmental way as well as have a place to vent their feelings. We look forward to the continued growth and evolution of SafeSpace.