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We know it takes courage to ask for help.

We are the SafeSpace you might need. A place where you can be heard and really seen, not judged. A place where you know you are not alone. You are respected for who you are. It takes huge courage to reach out, and that’s why we created this SafeSpace for you.

Welcoming, accepting, supportive, safe.

SafeSpace Center Services

We’re all about you — youth aged 12 to 26. We share the same goals. To help you thrive and emotionally connect with your family, friends, and life. That’s why we’re approaching mental health challenges in a whole new way. No judgment. No stigma. Just help and support you can trust. We’re developing youth-inspired-and-created centers in your community, programs that provide early access to support services, awareness of mental health challenges and greater community engagement, including school programs.

SafeSpace Menlo Park Center is comprised of the following three locations. 708 Oak Grove Ave is our Community Engagement Center. 1162 and 1166 El Camino Real offer clinical services through our affiliate partner BACA.

Clinical Services

Powered by our affiliate partner BACA 

We’ll get you or your loved one back on track. Help find your way out of hardship. We’ve teamed up with the Bay Area Clinical Associates (BACA), to offer clinical therapeutic services, family therapy, and intensive outpatient programs. Know this: You and your family aren’t alone, and don’t need to struggle anymore.

Help Channels

Off the Record:  Self-Compassion

With the New Year underway, many of us – teens and parents included – struggle to adapt back to the daily grind of school or work.  Add a couple of noble yet impractical New Year’s resolutions and we’ve got a recipe for disaster.   It’s ironic that we are better at counting our faults and our…

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift: Self-Care and Self-Compassion During the Holiday Season

It seems like every year the holiday season is thrust upon us, only to take over our everyday lives even before the current season has come to a close.  Halloween decorations are removed or replaced with wreaths and festive lights while some haven’t even thought about Thanksgiving. We need to slow down as a society,…

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For Family and Friends

Anyone can experience mental health problems. Friends and family can make all the difference in a person’s recovery process. Supporting a Friend or Family Member with Mental Health Problems You can help your friend or family member by recognizing the signs of mental health problems and connecting them to professional help. Talking to friends and family about…

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News & Press


The Almanac

Youth mental health nonprofit expands services

MAY 2017


Sanctuary. Touched by tragedy, two Bay Area women create a safe haven for troubled teens.

APRIL 2017

Mercury News

Teen Wellness Center Opens Doors

Upcoming SafeSpace Events

Feb. 8

Mediation and Mindfulness for Teens Series. This six-week workshop introduces young people, ages 12-26, to the basic skills of a mindfulness practice. Register through Eventbrite


Feb. 24

Youth Mental Health First Aid. These classes are open to teens and adults. Register through Eventbrite


Feb. 27

The Shifting Tides of Teenage Years Workshop Series: The Relationship Between Sleep, Technology and Teens. Parent conversations on understandings and positive strategies. Register through Eventbrite.



Our Menlo Park Therapy Center

Therapeutic services provided through our affiliate partner BACA (Bay Area Clinical Associates).

Address: 1162 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, CA 94025
Phone: 650.304.3906

Community Engagement Center

Offering peer to peer support groups, educational services, and community outreach.

Address: 708 Oak Grove Ave, Menlo Park, CA
Phone: 650.714.4417